I make order portraits of your animal from photos:

• Cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, ferrets, birds or other animals…
• Soft pastel, acrylic painting, or oil painting on canvas
• Many formats and options
• 1 or more animals on the same format
• focus on:  head, half or whole
• Expedition all over the world shipping

the shipping costs are calculated based on the medium, the size of the format, the country of destination!


Included in the price: a “photomontage preview before portrait production”, to allow you to have an idea of the final rendering.


Animals portraits in soft pastels are made on a thick technical paper, it must imperatively be put under glass to protect them !! Ask a professional framer for advice.


The portraits are made with acrylic and / or oil premium paints, for a better resistance to light.
The canvas is linen, for better durability than cotton canvas.

Is it for a gift?
attention on production time!


If you have to give a gift very quickly while the waiting list will cause a too big delay before you’ll recieve the portrait, you can ask for the “express” rate (under certain planning conditions, few places available, not compatible for oil painting : only acrylic and pastel paint).

– Add the name of the animal, classic color or gold leaf 24.5 carat
– Draw the tack on a horse: on estimate
– Express rate (order processed in an emergency, availability according to schedule)
– Add a human (on estimate depending on the difficulty: hair, pattern of clothing, etc …)
– Background with graphic gold leaf
– Complex background: on estimate
– Step by step in photo: on estimate
– Time lapse video editing of the realization: on estimate according to the chosen technique and the format, from 75€
– Picture put in situation on one of your interior photo (before realization): on estimate
– Impression of the portrait on objects (smatphone shells, tablet cover, cushion ..)
– …

Pastels are delivered without framing because they must be under glass, and the transport may break it.
For acrylic/oil paintings, I can propose a frame: black floating frame (in picture)

Tableau original d'un cheval, étalon alezan, style réaliste en ombre et lumière et fond graphique, à la technique de la peinture à l'huile par Skyzune ART. Meilleur artiste peintre pastelliste équin et animalier contemporain, peinture animalière, animaux, portraitiste, Portrait cheval, chevaux, équestre, Tableau original contemporain et graphique, Art moderne à la peinture acrylique, à la peinture à l'huile et au pastel. Peintre animalier chasse. Art mural décoration d'intérieur moderne art de luxe décoration hôtel design intérieur luxe.


To order, or any other question, contact me!